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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Counting Down

I know that I have mentioned a few negative things about this house, what with its trying to kill us and all.  But we are about a month out from moving and it has my husband and me a bit nostalgic.

True, the house has fallen apart, pushed us down stairs, surrounded itself in ice that tried to crack our heads open and even tried to trap my husband on the roof.

But it's also where our friends Jason and Shannon stumbled down the stairs and into a bush outside of our house after a Halloween party spent playing flippy cup.  Don't judge them, they are awesome.

It is the place we lived in during that horrible Trading Spaces era where we all did ridiculous and permanent things to our home.

 For us that meant painting two adjoining rooms horrifying colors. One, a red that turned out dark pink, and the other a dark blue that turned out almost black.

And when I say 'we', I mean that my sister and I helped my husband paint for all of 20 minutes, and then we laid on the floor whining and laughing while he finished it all.  And then right after it was finished I knew it was a mistake, which led to 'us' painting the rooms a neutral color again months later.

It's seen me buy and break about 3 sets of glasses, because that's just how I roll.

It is where we had countless game nights before kids (because we were born dorks) and where I learned about my husbands affinity for karaoke games that can be purchased for game systems.

It is also where I watched him lecture our daughter on always strapping the Wii remote to your hand, and then minutes later watched him smash the remote into the wall directly above the TV.

It is the house where our daughter had her first sleepover with her cousin, and thus the place I learned that I am going to loathe and despise my daughters sleepovers.  Seriously, there's not enough wine.

The house has seen numerous Christmases, birthdays, two births and jobs we have hated and loved.  It has seen all of our wedding anniversaries, the death of my mom and it is where our older daughter took first steps and first day of school pictures.

So it may have tried to kill us, but it sure gave us a lot of life while it tried.


Amy said...

I felt this way about our first house together. Even though the walls were literally crooked, I truly loved every brick. There were so many happy memories there. The good thing is that you will build many more happy memories in your new home too.

Amanda M. said...

The Wii remote story is soooooo funny.

Michelle said...

Funny that you are feeling these things too, I'm suddenly feeling nostalgic even just thinking of putting our house on the market soon too :)

WhisperingWriter said...

I know how it goes.

When we move, I'll miss this house. We had lots of memories in it.

Jaime said...

I have had the pleasure of attending one of your infamous Halloween parties at your lovely house. My husband chose to meet my closest college friends dressed as a piece of Holy Sh$$ (brown sack, angel wings and a halo). Good times were had by all. I'm sure we can be convinced to christen your new house with our awesome Halloween costumes. Connor could even go as a Lil' Sh$$.

Jake & Lesly said...

I have a picture of our first house that the realtor gave us in my desk drawer at work here. I was just looking at it today wishing we still had it. I LOVED that house, and if only we could have moved it to Madison.....but you will find an awesome house that will give you more awesome life memories....and yes, probably even try to kill you, because that's probably how you roll too. ;0) Stock up on glasses when you get there.

Rache said...

Hey guess what!!! I love you soooo much that I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award. All you have to do to accept is visit my blog post "Stylish!? Who me?" and follow the steps on your own blog! Congratulations and happy blogging!

Megs said...

I loved your post. So many memories in your house. I remember seeing the picture of the blue house (back when it was blue of course) when you guys first bought it. I've always loved it, but I think it's because the people in it make things pretty awesome :) It must be hard to prepare to leave your first house. On the other hand, think of all the great memories in store for you in the new one!