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Friday, March 18, 2011

Facebook Friday Is Your Favorite

1.)  Nora has started following me with her baby and doing everything that I do with Evelyn to her baby.  If I feed Evie, she pulls up a high chair next to me and feeds her baby.  When I leave the room to go and change Evie's diaper, Nora goes with me and does the same with her baby.  This goes on all day from the first bottle to Evie's end of the day bath. 

It's SO sweet, I'm lucky to have such a nurturing and imaginative child.  It makes me feel like I've done something right.  Also, I'm really close to yelling CHRIST ON A BIKE GET AWAY FROM ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHEN WILL THIS END!

2.)  I can't remember the last time I turned the radio on and there wasn't a DJ doing a paid advertisement for a hair removal place.  Seriously, if I hear one more DJ give their personal tribute to how embarrassed they used to be about their body hair and how perfect their lives are now that they are hairless, I'm going to beat my radio with my razors.  I've always thought it would be fun to have a morning radio show, but now I'm fairly certain I'm not  hairy enough.  DJ's tend to run on the hairy side from what I can gather.  

3.) Am I the only one that never knew that Gilbert Gottfried was the voice of Aflac's Duck?  That duck just wasn't half as annoying as Gilbert.  My sister-in-law's family has a megaphone because my brother-in-law coaches track (actually, I'm not sure....I never was in track- is that normal?  Because they also have a suit of armor in their house, so it may not be normal)  Anyhoo, I do this great impression of Gilbert Gottfried saying  "WHAT'S THE SCORE?!".  Knowing that it makes them laugh I picked up the megaphone and screamed out my Gilbert impression, forgetting that my husband was asleep on the coach near me.  Let's just say that's not a nice way to wake up.  A lesser person would have throat punched me.  

4.)  Until recently I thought that Lady Gaga song said, "I'm gonna right click baby, I was born this way!".  Thank you, American Idol, for clearing that up.

5.)  I'm sad for our friends in Japan.  Really sad.  I know you are too.  I'm  happy that most of us have at least $5 we can give them.  Living Social is matching each $5 donation given.  They are only doing this for about another hour, so scidaddle over there:   Living Social link to match funds given to Japan.  
When the time is up on that excellent opportunity, here is another a way to give:  Click here for the Red Cross link to donate financially to those affected by the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami throughout the Pacific.  
No money?  Prayers are always free.  Remember:  There, but for the Grace of God, go I.  You never know when it will be you.


regas14 said...

Facebook Friday is my favorite!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

Holey Smokes - this cracked me up!

Megs said...

Love facebook Fridays! I thought it was right click too, what are the right lyrics? Thanks for the link to give money to Japan. I want to hear you use a megaphone. You should own one of those. Thanks for the laugh! I have two tired kids and needed it :)

Suniverse said...

Now I want a suit of armor in my house. Really.

Also, a friend bought a bullhorn and came to my house one morning at 7:30am and started shouting for me to come out. I almost peed myself laughing. I'm sure the neighbors were thrilled, too.

Liz said...

Another Lady Gaga line I love is, "Don't be a drag, just be a queen!"

Amy said...

How can you just say that they have a suit of armor in their house and not go into further details????? I love this, and need to know more.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

2. In my area all the DJs talk about their eye surgeries - I guess they don't have enough hair as your djs!

3. No - I was so surprised! He really didn't make that duck as annoying as he had the potential to do!

KLZ said...

Why hair removal? You're so right but...why do they do this to us?

Chels said...

Dude, I thought Gaga said "Roam my ass" instead of "romance." Don't feel too bad.

Julie said...

This post made me pee a little and then you hit me with the RED CROSS donation.

Isn't it crazy that we go on with our lives and laugh and pee and they are in such deep pain?

Thanks for the pee and the reminder.

(Hope your daughter is giving you a break, too. Holy crap that is funny.)

p.s. In case I haven't mentioned it lately, I love your blog.

Donna said...

What is FB Friday? Yes, I knew Gilbert was the Duck. I'm surprised that everyone else didn't know. I've just found your blog through the Sits forum "let the following begin" thread - delighted to have landed here. This was a delightful post. I'm a new follower and will return.