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Monday, March 28, 2011

Facebook 25

Alright my friends, in a few days we are going to be moving to Texas.  I've been super busy trying to buy up and pack all the Aqua Net I can find so that I can make my hair even bigger to fit in.  Because of this, mama has no time to write.  

So I am going to take a major cop out and publish that list everyone did on FB a few years ago that was hugely self serving and all about them.  But honestly, if you don't want to hear someone talk about themselves, don't read blogs.  

So, anyhoo, here is what I wrote out for that all about me extravaganza that we all loved so much: 

1. I believe it's a loss for a lot of people that my husband doesn't feel like what he has to say is of interest. He's a combo of sensitive and smart that would make him an incredible teacher and I think he'll be an important person in the world someday. 
2. In high school I fainted at Janet Reno's feet on the 4th of July as she recited the pledge of allegiance on the Capitol steps.
3. When I enter a place or meet a person that is going to play a major role in my life, I usually know it instantly. Even if the relationship doesn't come to pass or evolve for a while. 
4. My most valuable material possession is a St. Therese prayer card that was my moms. I put it in her hand while she was in hospice and held it in her hand for 2 days until she was gone. 
5. I have always wanted an ant farm and a car race track, and at some point will try to talk Nora into both. Don't give these to me as gifts!
6. My daughter was born 10 days before Christmas. Now each holiday season I remember sitting up at night singing Silent Night and Away in a Manger and how it felt having a newborn at Christmas, and it's the greatest memory. The catheter, not so much.
7. I can not stand people who lie. You can not have a personal or work relationship with someone who relies on lying.
8. Sometimes I wonder if the way we treat the small things on Earth depicts our eternal outcome more than anything. Like if you step on ants or kick a dog you are screwed. 
9. I despise the terms "reverse racism" and "broken home".
10. I keep a St. Jude prayer card in my husband's car. He doesn't believe in it, but I do, and he has a tendency to crash into things.
11. I nearly had to seek treatment for my addiction to both Snood and The Sims.
12. I freak out when I ride in the back seat of a two door car.
13. In college I went to Haiti for 3 weeks and spent part of the time in a very rural area painting a school "Caribbean Blue" and teaching the kids how to play recorders. I had the paint on my contacts and in my hair for a looong time.
14. Coffee in the morning is one of my favorite things. Sometimes at night I'm already excited about it.
15. I have two Godchildren, and one was adopted from Ethiopia.
16. It concerns me that there are a ton of "Chastity Balls" and "Purity Pledges" along with studies on how young girls are having sex with multiple partners, but there is no "keep it in your pants" hoopla for boys. Who are the young girls having all the sex with? 
17. I love a bagel with lox and capers on it.
18. On the same trip to Haiti I saw someone being stoned to death because he pick pocketed at a local market. We were stuck in traffic and it was happening about 3 blocks away. 
19. I planned and planned to have my daughter, and now think it's funny that the two moms I learn from the most are my sister and sister in law- who both had to hit the ground running!
20. Speaking of my sister I love my relationship with her now. And I am so proud of her. We had very different journey's, but somehow ended up in the same spot.
21. I lived in the same town with my mom from the time I was 5 until I was 18, but my mom moved us 7 times within town. She liked a clean slate! And I spent every summer in Virginia with my dad and step mom. It made me unique, but I love how boring Nora's life is in comparison.
22. I believe God goes between laughing and crying when He hears the various Christian faith groups on earth tearing each other down for what they believe and practice. What a waste of time and energy that could be channeled into what is supposed to be the one common focus. And goofy to think one group has it all figured out. 
23. I want to be a guidance counselor some day in a parochial school, and hope I can work on getting my Masters towards that within 5 years. All to earn about 25,000 a year...my poor husband.
24. I struggle with the late afternoon but feel happy again by evening.
25. I thrive on the mundane parts of life- TV at night with my husband, reading books before bed to Nora, every day family life stuff.


Heather said...

I know I used #9 (reverse racism) somewhere last week but I can't for the life of me remember where. I don't use it often, but it was the only way I was able to find to describe a situation.

Hope the move goes well!

Cassie said...

Texas is so dang lucky getting your family!

#22 has to be my biggest pet peeve! I am part of a religious faith that gets made fun of and criticized more than any other. People don't take the time to understand the things we do and don't believe. But I (and just about everyone in our church, because this is what we are taught) has never spoken a harsh word about any other religion. Ever.

Be safe! Have fun!

Amanda said...

Heather: It is used a lot, and I know what people mean when they are saying it. But I just believe racism is racism, anyone can be racist. Even people who are more often victims of racism than most.

I'd be up for new ways of thinking about this though.

Cassie: Thank you!
I understand what you are saying completely. Christian's being hurtful to one another is such a negative waste of energy to me.

The division it causes takes away from all the good works that we should be doing. I'm guilty of it myself.

Kirsten said...

Loved reading your 25. This is a great idea- I think I'll post my "Facebook 25" as well (with a link-back to you, of course!), but I'll have to change some of my things since it was a couple years ago!

Megs said...

I remember reading and being struck by your list when I first (finally) joined fb. I love the honesty and poignancy. I love what you said about reverse racism too. I've always agreed. I especially love what you say about G.R. right off the bat too. I realize it's not flowery and cheesy, but it's one of the most romantic ways I've ever heard a spouse talk about the other :)

myinnerchick.com said...
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myinnerchick.com said...

~~Coffee in the morning is one of my favorite things. Sometimes at night I'm already excited about it."

I love this. SO simple, yet beautiful.

jules said...

Finally figured it out =) I adore our relationship too, thanks for being one of my best friends and helping me through my journey in life.