Let's Get Silly

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Need To Play Some Funky Music By White Boys

I've not had the chance to let my melodic voice ring out into the internet this week.  It's been a real loss for all of you, I'm sure.  

Our baby has a double ear, eye infection and a cold.  She's currently on an antibiotic that her pediatrician mentioned "might give her some loose stools." 

 What she apparently meant was that I should have the National Guard on standby, because what would occur in her tiny pants would be nothing short of catastrophic.  Seriously, I'm expecting my reassuring call from Obama at any moment.

She is understandably clingy.  What I don't understand is why while clinging to me she's also slapping at my face and digging into my flesh with her nails.  If you look at her nails, they seem like these dainty and precious little specks.  When they are digging into your face they feel like the talons of a monstrous animal.  How does that happen?

She had also finally slept through the night the week prior to getting sick, and now she's gone back to her old nightly party girl shenanigans.  I swear it is so much worse to go back to not sleeping through the night once you've had a taste of the wonders of solid REM cycles again.  Now I'm back to this weird and short lived deep sleep where I dream about odd things like David Arquette going to the mall with me.  It's left me wondering if there might be some sort of baby Ambien.  

No one panic, I'm not feeding my baby Ambien.  Unless I find out there is baby Ambien.  Just kidding.  No, I'm not.

Also, in 3 weeks we will be moving 1,000 miles away.  

Other than that things are pretty smooth.

I've decided I need some upbeat music to perk things up.  Right now I'm either listening to Jewel's lullaby CD in the car to soothe the baby, or I'm listening to Adele.  The weather outside is gloomy and foggy and icky and crappy and Scurvy inducing.  The combo of the music and the weather is a bit much.  This hit me yesterday when I noticed I was driving while also laying my head on the steering wheel.

So anyone have ideas of happier music for me?  And nothing by rappers who include phrases like bend over girl or lick my lollipop or anything.  Although, if it's Justin Timberlake talking dirty, I'll take it.


Shabbygal said...

You poor thing sounds like you got a lot going on right now! Hope baby girl gets back to sleeping I remember those days!Funny I actually miss them now! Traci

KLZ said...


I don't understand the slapping while clingy either. I live it but do not understand it.

Hope it gets better soon!

Adrienne said...

It is amazing what little people can create in their pant isn't it?

Demulling Farms said...

Dude. You are A-1 hysterical...and even funnier on caffiene and no sleep :)
WAIT! I think that is how we operated when you lived across the hall from me...I think. Somehow, Heritage homework doesn't compare to childrearing, wouldn't 'cha say?
I recommend Mumford & Sons for the car rides. Ruby grooves in her carseat and often tells me to "more louder". Or, if you are down with some cheerful, rhyming, stick-in-you-head stuff, Laurie Berkner is our favorite. Hope packing your life into a large truck goes well. Say hello to a cowboy when you get there :)

Love, your MN neighbor

Vanessa said...

If the children's genre is what you're looking for you could always try Raffi. (Though you may want to shoot yourself after listening to it non-stop.)
If you'd like some more adult type music, you could try some old 80's hits - can't help singing to Mickey, Come On Eileen, and Whip it. Make a pandora.com 80's list and they will make the music for you!
Good luck with the little one, it's so hard to see them sick and miserable! May your move be easy and painless!!

julie gardner said...

Oh, so sorry about the (ummm) loose stools.

Don't you love a doctor's gentle understatement?

I mean HATE it?

My daughter's down with a nasty case of poison oak - she's highly allergic and gets it when NO ONE ELSE does. Her face is nothing short of terrifyingly gross right now.

But she's eleven so she doesn't cling or slap. She just whines about how ugly she is.

And she's so right.

I'm trying to pull happy music from my brain to share with you and all I'm coming up with is is songs of misery.

Sorry to let you down.

But at least you're not moving. Oh wait.


(Dear Amanda, I hope this wasn't too snarky. was aiming at making you smile. but if you want to hurl things at me, that's okay too.)

Megs said...

So sorry about Evie being sick and all the fun that is going with it. It's like when medical professionals tell me I might feel a little pressure and what they really mean is that the pain will make me want to die. Anyway, I hope the meds are working anyway. I also hope she eventually returns to sleeping through the night. You have so much going on and you are doing a great job. Hang in there!

Amy said...

How about some Harry Connick Jr ???
Maybe some Pink, or Gwen Stefani, or Madonna? Something that makes you want to shake your booty.
Or BNL! They always make me smile.

Suniverse said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I totally get how awful it is to have the full night's sleep snatched away from you. It's worse than not sleeping at all.

My fun music is always Gwen Stefani & Kasabian [great dance music]. Say what you will, that chick knows how to perk things up and I love pretending I'm back to the old days, clubbing.