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Monday, March 7, 2011

These Birds Are Making Me Angry

I have some problems.  

One of them is that it's possible I tend to get a tiny bit into the computer games that I play.  And when I say a tiny bit, I mean that I get addicted to these games like Charlie is addicted to his morning tiger blood.

Now, I'm not a computer nerd.  But to be fair, that's mostly due to my own limitations.  I mean, I just got an iPhone and in trying to register to play Words With Friends, I ended up with the user name Yyvvhx because I didn't understand that while I was just pressing a bunch of buttons trying to figure out what was going on, I was actually entering a user name. 

 I saw a game pop up and it said "Yyvvhx" was one of the people playing, and I was trying to figure out what kind of idiot uses that for a user name. Then I realized that the other player was "SheriP", which meant Yyvvhx was me.  I've had a series of low moments like that involving computers, so believe me when I say I can't be a computer nerd.

Although, at least I'm not my sister.  She recently got duped by her auto correct and texted "Can you go to anus?"  When she meant to type 'Amy'.  Hee hee!

Many times I can play a game like a normal person.   You know, for enjoyment.  But every now and then I will find a game that leaves me so consumed that I'm surprised I don't actually lick my computer screen when its name pops up.

I guess this shouldn't be a surprise because sometimes when I play regular games, I get a little weird.  In college when playing Uno I was the happiest person in the world when I found people who would cheat play with me.  I'd dress for the occasion and everything.  We'd stick cards into the hood of our sweatshirts, slip them up our sleeves, push them down a sock.  And it was acceptable to the other person, as long as you were sneaky enough not to be caught.  We'd start a game out with 7 cards and in 2 turns be totally out of cards.  That lasted until I realized people other than those particular friends became VERY incensed when I played Uno this way with them.  My husband will still bring it up pretty much every time play a game. They felt it was a display of my integrity or something. 

The first computer game that nearly ruined my life was The Sims.  
It started out innocently and then escalated into a situation that nearly ended my engagement.  Things soon got to the point with this game where I actually started seeing The Sims world in my own.  If I cleaned up a room or turned on a light, I pictured my energy being better like my Sim's family.  

Things became progressively worse until one day I nearly lost it all.

My then fiance came over to visit me one evening after work.  I was sitting at the computer playing Sims (duh).  I don't remember anything other than Sims, but he tells me the evening went like this:

Honey, I'm here now.  Can you stop playing that for awhile?

What?  I'm just going to play for a second.  I've only been playing for a minute or two.

No, you've been home for three hours and when I called you then you were playing.

Oh, really?  Weird.

Honey.  Please stop.  (Here he started getting angry.  It would have been good if I had caught that social cue.)


OK, why don't I just leave then so that you can sit here and play that stupid game all night?  

What?  OK then, if you want to go.  Bye.


I don't remember what ended that obsession for me, but I remember going through the shakes and delirium that come with an addict's withdrawal when I stopped playing.  I'm pretty sure at one point I felt the sensation of bugs crawling on me.

Life went on smoothly until Snood.  Snood seeped into my veins and became the only part of me that mattered.  I remember vividly one time I came home from work for lunch.  I didn't eat, just wanted a Snood fix.  I sat down to play, and when I blinked for the first time I realized I was supposed to have returned to work a half hour prior.  Not my finest adult moment.

Blessedly my Snood period ended quickly and tragically, when it turned out that it was a virus that ate my entire computer.  It seriously resulted in needing an entirely new computer brain.  

So this brings me to today.  **wringing hands**

I've discovered Angry Birds.  

I'm scared.  Hold me.  Help me.  Help.  Me.


regas14 said...

It's a good thing that in about 4 days I'm going to be equally obsessed with my new iPad! At least one of us has to retain a high enough level of awareness so that if the girls try to walk out, we stop them - or at least tell them to wear their coats!

jules said...

Thanks for sharing my anus auto correct, tool. I was totally obsessed with snood back in the day and it, too, caused a virus on my computer! Good luck with angry birds. I have other games you'll love....

Noelle said...

Oh you are in for it...that game sucks you in until you have cleared three stars on every level. Good luck trying to find balance!

Mama Spaghetti said...

Oh man, I love that game. Angry birds is so addictive. Luckily for me, I had a baby shortly after my addiction began, which broke the spell.

But reading your post makes me wonder if maybe I should get back into it...

I'm a new follower, found you at the Sits Girls. I am here: www.spaghettiwesterner.blogspot.com

Megs said...

I remember the Simms and Snood stages! Good luck to G.R., I know so many people hooked on Angry Birds. I've been burned before with spell check too Julia. Stupid technology. Great blog! I want my husband to read it. He could totally relate.

Ms.Wasteland said...

Thank you. You've made me glad that I can't afford the ipad I've been coveting. I'd def. end up addicted to Angry Birds and probably 27 other apps.

KLZ said...

I actually can't stand Angry Birds.

Cut the Rope however? Addicted in a crazy pants way.

And WWF.

And Instagram, which isn't even a game.

I think my husband is going to hide my iPhone.

Amanda said...

Julia: Sorry for sharing your anus mistake. There's a sentance I never thought I'd say.

Noelle: Balance! That is what I need. Sigh.

MS- Don't go back! Although I've found that when returning to something after I've been addicted to it and then taken a pause, it doesn't have as much power over me.

Megs: I figured Joe could relate. Last night it made me forget to watch The Bachelor. Guessing he can't relate to that part.

Tracie: I would advise against it. Being sucked into the apple world of apps is surely going to be a negative for me.

KLZ: Ok, I'm going to not even look at Cut the Rope! I'm loving WWF though, and that let's me go at a more normal pace because I waiting on someone else. I've been meaning to look into instagram and play around with pics a little.

julie gardner said...

Oh, my - your username Cracks. Me. Up. I would totally do the same thing then mock the person who was Yzzhx-whatever without realizing I was that person.

Oh, the shame.

But at least we don't put duct tape on our boobs and butts(which is what those pageant girls did to make them perkier).

Of course I'm only assuming you don't use duct tape in that way.

Anyone who dresses to cheat at Uno is way beyond worrying about perky duct-taped boobs. Right?

Say it is true. Because I really like you.

Kristen said...

my husband is addicted to Angry Birds. Seriously.

I just figure it's cheaper than therapy.

My Household Junk said...

Angry Birds makes me angry too because I found out my 3 year olde was on lever 8. I haven't made it to 7 yet.

Jenna said...


Yup. I totally get this. I have totally had an addiction that hampered my social life. Thanks for your honesty!! :) here from the commenthour!

Mama Kat said...

Me too! Just this week actually. My husband is an enabler.

Caren with a "C" said...

LOL, I stopped playing the Facebook games because they just took over. Now I'm wondering if blogging is. Cocktail hour.

Mrs. R said...

Run!!!! Far and fast!

Heather said...

Too funny! I have to be very careful to not get addicted to crack, I mean games! LOL

jeri said...

Haven't tried Angry Birds...struggled with addiction to Bejewled.

Kimberly said...

Time flies when online...it's like an altered universe of time.

Karen Tapahe said...

I'm like that too! Why are we so weak????

Shannon said...

I'm with you! I love and, at the same time, loathe Angry Birds.

Lauren Michelle said...

They have a website where you can submit crazy things people send to you because the keyboards on their phones went crazy. It's pretty funny, but I forget what the website is called. I hate it when that happens to me, and my phone does it all the time because it's the stupid first generation droid eris by HTC. That phone absolutely blows.

ManWifeDog said...

Leaving you some SITS girl #commenthour love!

Man Wife and Dog Blog

Jennifer said...

Stopping by from SITS, too funny, I get into the computer too, twitter, FB, my blog...ha.

Patti B. said...

I've never even seen Angry Birds. I do get quite addicted playing other games though. And it looks like one of my sons has inherited that predisposition from me. Oh well..

Caught the SITSGirls #CommentHour on Twitter and they turned onto you. I'll have to thank them.

TRR said...

And this is the reason I don't even what to try Angry Birds after friends told me how cool it is.

I want to keep my relationship!

Savannah said...

Stopping in from comment cocktail hour! Congrats!

sharon said...

Thanks for the best laugh of my day!

The Reason You Come said...

Although I've never been into computer games, I know all too well what it's like to be obsessed over something. It's hard, but good luck finding balance! Here from Comment Hour, btw. :)

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

Angry birds is also my new favorite iPhone game!! I don't get addicted to games but i do check my Facebook constantly and twitter! loved the Uno part to I kinda giggled to myself...GREAT post!

Jen said...

Oh yes at one time I played Duke Nuk'em for over 24 hours and very short period of time when dating my former beau I played WoW. Now I just occasionally play bejeweled but I am just addicted to my droid or the inter-webs in general.

Get some coffee like me and Angry Bird all your cares away!

Thanks what a fun post.
Love and Hugs,

Making It Work Mom said...

I am so not a game person, but my husband and son - OMG!!!! Crazy focused on a game at a time.

Oh and my 4 year old may be addicted to Angry cupcakes.

Toqua's Crafts said...

I don't get addicted to games like that so I cannot totally relate... however... I can relate to the time your fiance' left! LOL

Enjoyed reading your post.

Visiting from the SITS Tweet Party #CommentHour!


Madison said...

I was addicted to Mah Jong. I think I even used the phrase "I can stop any time I want." I'm now building an addiction to Vegas Nights. I really don't need any more addictions.

Here from Cocktail Hour.

Patrice said...

OMG We are like game soul sisters or something! lol I, too, have been addicted to SIMS back in the day. I would sometimes stay up until like 4 AM because I could not stop playing.
I was literally just talking to my roommate about my obsession with angry birds. The competitive side of me doesn't come out often, but oh those birds make me angry!!! LOL
Stopping by from the comment hour :D

sabrina0024 said...

I have finished all the angry birds levels, and then...finished all the seasons...AND THEN...went back to play again, and redeem all my scores that were only 1 star...making them 3 stars. AND THEN St. Patty's Day Seasons came out. AND NOW...I'm playing the original AGAIN to get all my 2 star levels to 3 stars! I understand all too well. And I blame YOU now for my old SNOOD obsession...I had even written a poem about it back in the day...

Ginger said...

Angry birds make me angry too. I don't understand why they give me four of the smallest freaking birds when I really need like 10 big yellow ones to win and that is for LEVEL ONE! End Rant.


http://literallyinspired.blogspot.com (found you on bloggy moms)

Anonymous said...

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