Let's Get Silly

Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Friday, Friday! Gotta Get Down On Friday! Sorry.

So, now that I have started a Facebook Fond of the Silliness page, is it really necessary to have Facebook Friday anymore?  I thought about this and decided....yes, yes it is quite necessary.

1) I'm happy to announce that I feel like I am gaining a handful of friends here in Texas.  I use a very strict measuring system to gauge whether or not someone is a friend.  I ask myself the following question: If I had a laundry sheet coming out of my pants, do I think this person would tell me?  If the answer is "Yes", then we are on our way to friendship necklaces!

2). Nora had Manners Day at school this week.  All the kids were to get dressed up and use their best manners.  The school did things like put nice tablecloths on the cafeteria tables, had classical music playing, etc.  Nora explained it well.  She said:  Today, if we make a gross noise we do not laugh, we just say "please excuse me".

3.) You know how we all have random things our brains just can't get right?  For me I always spell the word entrance 'enterance'.  Everything else in life I totally get.  (Except for math and why there is braille writing on random walls that no visually impaired person would know to just go and check.)  Well, for my husband it's his inability to say Canada correctly.  If he's talking quickly, he almost always pronounces it 'Canadia'.  This brings me joy.  He has recently taken a business trip to Canadia and I've enjoyed watching him slowly say the word so that he says it correctly.

4.)  September is Craniofacial awareness month!  Hurray!  I'm going to celebrate by adding an Operation Smile page to my blog this week.  

Here is my favorite cleftie kiddo.

1st Birthday
Every time she is pregnant, she will have a 1 in 20 chance of her child having a cleft.  So, you see we have a lot of work to do before she has her babies.  You know, when she's 35.

That's enough for today kids.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Someday We'll Remember This Fondly

I was thinking about how excited I am for this Labor Day weekend, because it means we will get to spend three days together as a family.  Then I got to thinking how our weekends really go.

Let me say this first:  my husband and I are nine years into this marriage and I would absolutely pick him and our life above anything else.  And obviously, he's totally enamored with me.  We are both driven day in and out to do what's best for our two daughters.   That being said....

This is what happens each weekend:

Friday:  Hurray, it's 7pm and we are all home!  Excitedly my husband and I make plans to feed the kids and then order Chinese food when they go to bed.  You know, a "we are 30 somethings up to our eyeballs with young kids" date.  The girls gather around dad and giggle and play while he throws them in the air.  The puppy is nearly passing out with delight.  I'm glowing because I love my family so much.  

Saturday morning:  Hurray!  We all get to wake and not face our weekday routine!  Lucky Charms and Phineas and Ferb for all!  Even the dog is smiling and content.

Saturday afternoon:  Nora is in time out number three for sassy talk.  Evie is sleeping after her giant baby meltdown.  OK, so things got pretty harried....my husband and I decide to enjoy this moment of peace together.  Look how cute our puppy looks!  We truly have it all!

Saturday night:   Thank God our children are in bed, I thought I would lose my mind.  The dog finally passed out, sweet mother he's a spaz.  But cute.  I'm so glad we have each other.  It's nice to have a quiet night together.

Sunday morning: SHUT UP AND GET DRESSED FOR CHURCH!  The damn dog peed on the floor!  What does the baby have in her mouth?  Oh well, it's nice that we are going to church.  I guess.

Sunday afternoon:  We are all hiding in various locations.  Nora is listening to music in her room, even the baby is playing on her own, I've hidden by going to Target and my husband is trying to watch ESPN while the dog jumps around him.  

Sunday night:  Eating dinner and things have mellowed out. We enjoy each others company because we know that tomorrow everyone will go back to reality and we can all get some freaking space.  Thank God for routines.

Monday morning:  Sigh.  We all wake up bummed to start another week where we don't see each other nearly enough.  Our girls are going to grow up too fast, wish we had more time to just spend together.

Am I wrong?  

So here's the secret- it's best to have time to miss and think about each other.