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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Someday We'll Remember This Fondly

I was thinking about how excited I am for this Labor Day weekend, because it means we will get to spend three days together as a family.  Then I got to thinking how our weekends really go.

Let me say this first:  my husband and I are nine years into this marriage and I would absolutely pick him and our life above anything else.  And obviously, he's totally enamored with me.  We are both driven day in and out to do what's best for our two daughters.   That being said....

This is what happens each weekend:

Friday:  Hurray, it's 7pm and we are all home!  Excitedly my husband and I make plans to feed the kids and then order Chinese food when they go to bed.  You know, a "we are 30 somethings up to our eyeballs with young kids" date.  The girls gather around dad and giggle and play while he throws them in the air.  The puppy is nearly passing out with delight.  I'm glowing because I love my family so much.  

Saturday morning:  Hurray!  We all get to wake and not face our weekday routine!  Lucky Charms and Phineas and Ferb for all!  Even the dog is smiling and content.

Saturday afternoon:  Nora is in time out number three for sassy talk.  Evie is sleeping after her giant baby meltdown.  OK, so things got pretty harried....my husband and I decide to enjoy this moment of peace together.  Look how cute our puppy looks!  We truly have it all!

Saturday night:   Thank God our children are in bed, I thought I would lose my mind.  The dog finally passed out, sweet mother he's a spaz.  But cute.  I'm so glad we have each other.  It's nice to have a quiet night together.

Sunday morning: SHUT UP AND GET DRESSED FOR CHURCH!  The damn dog peed on the floor!  What does the baby have in her mouth?  Oh well, it's nice that we are going to church.  I guess.

Sunday afternoon:  We are all hiding in various locations.  Nora is listening to music in her room, even the baby is playing on her own, I've hidden by going to Target and my husband is trying to watch ESPN while the dog jumps around him.  

Sunday night:  Eating dinner and things have mellowed out. We enjoy each others company because we know that tomorrow everyone will go back to reality and we can all get some freaking space.  Thank God for routines.

Monday morning:  Sigh.  We all wake up bummed to start another week where we don't see each other nearly enough.  Our girls are going to grow up too fast, wish we had more time to just spend together.

Am I wrong?  

So here's the secret- it's best to have time to miss and think about each other.


My Inner Chick said...

---My all time favorite days are "With Family." Nothing compares. NOTHING.
I loved reading about your days with hubs, kids, & pup. x

Megs said...

Ha ha! This is so very perfect, accurate, and well expressed. Joe says the most exhausting times of the year for him are family vacations when he has to leave his quiet office with computer programs that do what he tells them to do. They're fun of course, but gone are the days of relaxing with cocktails and browsing through books, constant feelings of peace and contentment. Family days are a clusterfudge of chaos, but I wouldn't change anything for the world! Neither would Joe-even though he wishes the kids/dogs would do what he says half as often as computer programs.

Lady Bren said...

First off I'd like to know when to expect mdy rainbow and unicorns thank you very much.
How can any weekend go wrong when you start it with Phineas and Ferb? We have ALL of the shows on DVR (hubby's not happy as they take over 25% of the available recording space. BTW my youngest is 14!
Did you know that there's a statistic out in the universe that says nearly all families fight while getting ready for church. I think its an evil trying to get its last pointless punch in.
Enjoy these moments as they do go very very fast. Seems like yesterday I was just getting the whole breastfeeding thing down and now she;s a sophomore at college

I am your new royal follower from the Crazed Fan Weekend Hop. ~~ honored to meet your acquaintance
Lady Bren HRH(Here Reality's Humorous)

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles said...

This is delightful! The concept of "relaxing" changes quite a bit ocne there are little ones in the picture, doesn't it?

Mom Fashion World said...

Being around with my family is my happiest days.

Btw, I stumbled upon your blog via Monday blog hop,
and I'm now your newest follower via GFC.
Please feel free to visit my blog @


Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you there, and hope you will follow me back.

Mrs. Sherman said...

YAY! I can't wait for my unicorns and rainbows! Thank you for stopping by and linking up to the weekend hop!

Julie said...

"The puppy is nearly passing out with delight."

When it comes down to it, the dogs really DO get the better end of the deal.


Plus, OBVIOUSLY your husband is completely enamored with you.



Suniverse said...

Yeah, I love my husband way more when I don't see him for a few days.