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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Xtina Fell and I'm in House Selling Hell

Did anyone else see Christina fall tonight at the Grammy Awards?  Yeesh. 

 My favorite Dirrty Girl is having a rough time of it.  First she concentrated so hard on putting 4,835 vocal riffs into the two minutes it takes to sing our beloved National Anthem, that she forgot to sing the words correctly.  Then she went to the Grammys and tripped while paying tribute to Aretha.

Well, Christina, dust yourself off girl.  One time I sneezed and snot flew out of my nose in front of the cute boy I liked.  Another time, I admitted on my blog that I like Christina Aguilera.  See, we all do things that make us look asinine.  Call up your old friend Britney and she can tell you all about the time she was photographed walking out of a nasty gas station bathroom, barefoot and throwing back Cheetos.

In other news, we are going to put our house back on the market again.  Here is a picture of our front yard:


Any thoughts on where we should put the for sale sign?  I've got some ideas.  If I had a graphic of Mother Nature, I could show you were I'd like to put it using arrows.  Then I'd like to find a graphic of the current housing market and show you with arrows where I would like to kick it.  I'll give you a hint:  I'd kick it in its crotch.

I've talked about this house before in this post.  I know for a fact the house is trying to kill us, so look forward to many posts proving this as we maneuver through this horrific house selling process.  

Also, during this time that our house is on the market, don't tell me if your house sells.  I will probably create a graphic of you and show on my blog where I'd like to kick you.  I'm super sweet like that.


Christy said...

I'm right there with you on the whole house-selling nightmare. If one more person tells me to bury a statue of St. Francis in the front yard, I might throw the statue at their crotch!

Amanda said...

Christy: You are the one person that is allowed to tell me they sold their house. I will even jump up and down for you.

Yes, because that's what every prospective buyer wants to see- a dug up front lawn.

Ash said...

Poor Christina. On top of all her messes, someone forgot to teach that girl the massive benefits of Spanx. Oy.

Good luck with selling the house!!

Megs said...

Sweet! I haven't been on the computer much these days and somehow missed this blog! It's like the time I discovered those episodes of Gilmore Girls I didn't know existed and got "new" episodes for a couple weeks. I know, you should bury a statue of a saint in your yard :) JK, I have a friend trying to sell her house and people have even started buying them for her so hopefully it won't come to that. Nice rhyming with fell and hell. I think Christina is not enjoying 2011 much.