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Friday, February 25, 2011

Facebook Friday Yo

All the Facebook status' that I didn't have the time to make this week, and that you never really cared to know.  But you're here now, so you may as well read anyway.

1.)  This week I painted my daughter's finger nails. It was the first time I painted her fingernails anything other than the cheapy sparkly kind of nail polish that doesn't look like anything because we had a rule that she needed to wait until she was five.  You know, because then she'd be capable of making the kind of sound decisions you need to make with painted nails.  So we painted them bright red, all floozy like, and a few hours later she said to me.  "Mom, I haven't even picked my nose once since you painted my nails". 

If that's the case, I can think of several people in my life whose nails I am going to start painting.

2.)  What would you do if one day you came to my blog and there was a whole page of this:
       All work and no play makes Amanda a dull girl.  
       All work and no play makes Amanda a dull girl.  
       All work and no play makes Amanda a dull girl.  
       All work and no play makes Amanda a dull girl.
       All work and no play makes Amanda a dull girl.
       All work and no play makes Amanda a dull girl.

3.)  You know what's taken me by surprise?  The amount of opportunities female bloggers find to use the word vagina.  Now, I'm not upset by the word in anyway.  I grew up with a dad who is a gynie and a step-mother and sister-in-law who are OBGYN nurses, so my family is all about the lady bits.  Hell, the female special no no area helped put me through college!  So, you can see we are a vagina loving people.  
                            Plus, my step-mother totally bought this Georgia O'Keeffe:  
What's the opposite of phallic?

                           But the sheer volume of vagina posts surprise me.  That's all.

4.)  Hey- check this out!  JC Little from The Animated Woman drew me!  She was inspired by this post featuring me as a moron at Target! 


Notice the dart pen and curly hair.  I like it.  

5.)  I had THE best idea for a strip club.  Now, I don't like strip clubs and I don't patron them as a worker or a gawker, but a good idea is a good idea.  I think someone should come up with a strip club where all the ladies are dressed in the various outfits that Princess Leia wore in the Star Wars movies.  And all the nerds fans who flock to see her in her gold bikini can dress up as the bizarro characters.  Good stuff, huh?  You're welcome world.  I'm a wealth of ideas.  I'm sure a similar idea would work the Star Trek nerds fans too.

So there you go.  

 Happy Friday, kids!  


regas14 said...

You're funny! I'm so glad you're sharing your funny-ness with the world . . . it's kind of a lot for me to handle on my own. Happy Friday!

Tammy Rose said...

We paint Isabella's nails for that reason. She decided on her own that if she picks her nose her nail polish will wear off!
Way to go on the blog! 4000 some stalkers, I mean "views", Impressive!

KLZ said...

That strip club would be HUGELY successful. I think you're onto something there.

Michelle said...

Thanks for following me! I just read your Target post. Had to laugh out loud! Can't tell you how many times I have done that!

Megs said...

I wish you would post awesome things. Wait, you do. Thanks for the Friday LOL. Your strip club idea would totally work. After being married to a computer guy and seeing the level of nerdiness and what they will spend money on up close (of course not you honey if you're reading this)I think you would make a pile of money and I'd like to invest and become a partner if you ever move on this idea.

WhisperingWriter said...

Happy Friday to you!

Yes, I have used the word vagina.

And penis.

Cassie said...

I swear I'm linking to you next Friday but rather than post my own - I'm posting everyone elses stupid updates. This could be huge!!

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...


Peace, Love, and Critical Thinking said...

I'm sure there's a huge market out there for your nerd strip clubs. Seriously. And what IS the opposite of phallic?