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Friday, February 11, 2011

I've Got A Thing Now (TWHS)

I need a blog "thing".  Other bloggers have guest posts, blog hops, etc. on certain days, thus, I have decided to have Facebook Status Friday. I know, this is truly exciting. Try to remain calm so you can enjoy the rest of the post.

I don’t have time to do the blog thing and the Facebook thing, but I miss posting status’ (statusi?) on Facebook where people are forced to see my blatherings, so I have decided to make that happen here. This is excellent news for anyone that has considered blocking me on Facebook.  

So here are my thoughts for the week that I didn’t have a chance to share there:

1.)  Mubarak supporters:  If you touch my Anderson again, I swear to God I will come and walk like an Egyptian all over your ass.  

2.)  My daughter’s Exer-Saucer is like her morning coffee.  I’m thinking of renaming it The Pooper Saucer.  Is your kid bound up?  Bring him/her right over and we’ll get 'er fixed right up.

3.)  Congressman Christopher Lee: We expect 7th grade girls to photograph themselves in mirrors and send the pictures out because we know they aren't quite right in the head yet.  But, what in the hell are you doing?  Thanks for reiterating my theory that women get way too much crap for going a bit wack-a-doo during the menopause process.  Men of a certain age seem to hit a point in life where their brains evacuate their bodies and are replaced with a disco ball.   I love that you used your own well known name, but you took care to lie about your age.  
The Class- you haz it.

4.) If I was on The Bachelor, and I looked around and saw there was no token crazy girl....well, I would learn a lot about myself in that moment.

5.) Lastly- EGYPT YOU FREAKING ROCK! Keep fighting for the life and freedoms you deserve. The history books are full of revolution stories just like yours.

Happy Friday!


Joann Mannix said...

I know, right? Why would you mess with someone as kind and with such great hair as that fine man? He just wanted to tell their story.

I am so glad that the Egyptian story has turned a great big 360 overnight. When Murabak claimed he wasn't stepping down and the main protestor said, "Then, Egypt will burn" I just about near died, knowing what awfulness was about to descend.

Fortunately, I'm sure the man finally listened to enough world leaders who were certainly calling him and saying, "Dude, come on!"

And speaking of dudes, what a douche! Who takes pictures like that, especially when you're a married Congressman. Are they that hungry for some bootay, that they think no one will find out? Stupid douche.

Cassie said...

I need to be your friend on facebook....lol It was certainly an interesting day when my status read "My son, Napoleon Dynamite, is in the back yard practicing his ninja skills on the wind."

Shell said...

Oh, the congressman creeps me out!

LMAO @ your Bachelor comment!

Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom said...

Hey there :)
I'm your newest follower and am looking forward to checking "in" each day to see what you're up to! Funny how you mention how you feel your blog needs a "thing" because I've been feeling that way myself about my own. Some blogs out there are amazing. They do give-aways, guest speakers, link parties. But mine? typical family stories, photos and random thoughts. I gotta spice it up, but how? I have no clue. I'm so busy around this house I barely even have time to blog, never mind having a "thing" and having to keep up with it. Ah well...maybe someday :)

And yea, the Egypt thing...such a trip. Yesterday he was all about NO WAY am I stepping down! Then today, the complete opposite. Is he married? If so, then last night his wife was saying, "You are so hard-headed. When are you going to learn? The people don't want you. They want you to step down, but you...you do not listen to them. So stubborn. You think you can be stubborn? Well, you're not the only one who can be stubborn. You step down this minute or you'll be sleeping alone - and not just tonight, but until you come to your senses! I'll show you stubborn!"

Amanda said...

Joann: I'm so glad the story did a 360 over night. When he said he was going to "oversee the government", I was also worried about the reactions. And I was worried my Andy Cooper would go back! He can't stay away from reporting something like that.

The congressman is a douche with a capital DOU. What is with these men? I pray his wife does not stand by his side at any press conferences. She deserves more.

Cassie: That is a great status! And quite an image.

Shell: that is actually one I put on Facebook, but it got a great response on there so I thought it was putting on here. Do you watch that? Have you seen Michelle? CRIZAZEE.

Katrina: Think this weekend about your "thing". Honestly, the Facebook thing is fun and it also alleviates a blog idea once in the week. With these two kids trying to bring me down, I need a freebie!

And I like the idea that Mubarak stepped down when his wife finally laid it out. Angry mobs of thousands? No. One angry wife? That's all it takes.

Mom Daughter Style said...

great thoughts.

that is quite shocking for somebody in congress to do that.

im following you back!

Megs said...

I'm not sure what part of this blog to comment on because every status made me laugh out loud and totally agree with Egypt rocking on. That picture of the congress man still has me confused and amused. I love your comparison to a teenage girl. And nobody should ever touch Anderson Cooper. I had a feeling you would not be in favor of that :) I love that you have a thing now, it's perfect for your blog, which continues to be the best blog.

KLZ said...

This remind me of an old poker saying: if you're sitting at the table for more than 30 minutes and have spotted the sucker, leave. It's you.

Bethany said...

Cool idea! I've got to remember to come by on Fridays!

Bethany said...

I was signed into the wrong account. Haha. There's probably no info. on that one.

Christina said...

Too funny! And, you're right, who has time for blogging and Facebook...Love the idea of mixing the two. Thanks for checking out my site; I'm following you back now.

SamanthaD said...

#4 is too funny! Right!?!?

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