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Thursday, January 27, 2011

These Kids Are Cramping My Style (And These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty!)

I feel like all these play-dates we have could really be so fun, if the kids stopped attending them.  
The setting is perfect, we are not working, there are usually snacks and good friends.  It's sort of like college dorm life- we had seemingly all the time in the world and very little responsibility.  Of course, my lack of responsibility in that situation led me straight to Mono. But again, I come back to the fact that these kids attending the play dates seriously mess this up.  

We should be able to watch E! and talk about how all the celebrity women look like pez heads from under eating or watch Britney beat an SUV with an umbrella, BUT we can't because it would be inappropriate for our children to hear us discussing body types or to ever see Britney when her hair extensions are not in properly.  So there goes that plan.  We could talk dirty about our husbands, but our children are the result of the dirtiness and frankly no one wants to know that about themselves, so there goes that idea.  Thus we are reduced to sitting around with one another, praying that the children will go play upstairs, or downstairs, or in the other room or outside or SOMETHING so the real fun can begin.  

But alas, even when everything aligns and the children are happily playing away from us, it always ends too quickly.  Undoubtedly someone needs to be fed, or a substance needs to be wiped off of someone or something, or a child needs to be taken off of another child who took their favorite piece of crap, lead filled Happy Meal toy, and then they ALL come back together in a big herd like very small cute buffalo.  Then we again have to force ourselves to change the channel and watch our mouths.  And there's just seriously something so wrong with that.  

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Megs said...

Too funny! My friends and I so hear every single point. It's nice to know every time I feel guilty for rolling my eyes when my kids need something that interrupts our very important conversations that I'm not the only resentful parent :)