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Friday, January 28, 2011

Christina-Taylor Green

Sometimes the media does things that make you think they are the lowest of the crappiest schmucks.  The media holds a limitless power to impact our entire world, and unfortunately sometimes uses that power in a completely classless way.

I am sick to death of seeing the deranged, cold and creepy mug shot of the Tucson shooter.  His smiling photo is displayed almost constantly throughout the day on various news outlets.  Each and every time my whole body and soul ache for Christina-Taylor Green's parents and brother.  

They have handled themselves with grace in a time when I would not be able to even get out of bed.  Her parents are striving to convince their remaining child that they will not stop breathing, if only for him.  Can you imagine under taking the task of mirroring the appropriate way to grieve and keep living for one child, when everywhere you go see the smugly satisfied expression of the man that murdered your other child?  

It would be absolute torture, stirring up pain, anger and a sense of despair each and every time it smacked you in the face.  It would stir the kind of pain that those who lost loved ones in 9/11 experienced each and every time they had to watch the clip of Osama Bin Laden chortling with glee when he was told his attack was successful.  

The efforts of a mentally deranged man should not be celebrated.  He smiled in that picture because he knew we would see it. 

I know my blog still has that new blog smell, and I should keep it light and happy.  But I feel compelled to end the week by putting a different picture up and keeping it there.  I'm hopeful it will be seen by many this weekend, and instead of feeling unsettled people will have a sense of the bittersweet mix of sadness and hope.  Sadness for what is now gone, and hope that for every deranged individual walking amongst us, we have a million more Christinas.  

Christina came to us as a sign of hope on 9/11, and she had to bear the burden of leaving us the same way.   

Christina Taylor Green


Amanda M. said...

Bless you. I have been feeling this same feeling. xoxo

Jaime said...

Nicely said, Amanda. I couldn't agree with you more.

Megs said...

What a great way to say things we've been thinking, but have had a tough time putting into words. The store is in my aunt's neighborhood and Christina went to hear church. She said they were such a great family and can't imagine the hell they are enduring and will experience the rest of their lives. The media plastering that psycho's scary ass picture everywhere surely adds to that. I love how you can write funny, but serious too and appreciate the pictures you added here. Far more appropriate.

Buffi Neal said...

Beautiful post - new smell and all!
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