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Friday, January 21, 2011

Because I Know You Can't Quit Me Facebook

Since I was trying to put together a blog this week, I didn’t have much time to torture the world with my random thoughts via Facebook status. So I now present to you all the status’ I normally would have posted, if I had not been so busy being tripped up by what is probably the world’s easiest free blog layout.

1)  I may have to stop watching television altogether just so that I can get that freaking Jenny from the Block song out of my head that all talk shows adore using for J-Lo's introduction.  Also, why does Steven Tyler wear Mary Janes?  

2)  Sarah Palin- please shut it.  While I don’t blame you for the actions of a mentally ill person, I do blame you for not handling it with grace.  Quit using terms like, “blood libel” and “don’t retreat, reload”.  We get it, you think guns are super fantastic.  
PS- I will be endlessly grateful to you for having the Kate Gosselin episode of your show where she had a complete meltdown while camping.  It was all I dreamed it would be.

If you missed it, here you go. You're welcome.

3)  It’s fun to have a Wii because you get to say things like;
“G.R. won’t stop playing with his Wii”.
“I’m going to take a Wii break”
“Wow, that Wii is quite small”
"Let me hold your nunchuk's"

4)  If Evelyn does not cut the tooth she’s been working on since what feels like the beginning of time, I’m going to start yanking my own teeth out because OH MY GOD ALL THE SCREAMING!!

5)  If my husband mentions that the weather in Texas is much warmer once more during this week’s work trip, I WILL change the locks on him so he can better reacquaint himself to the weather here in winter hell.

Enjoy your weekend! I'm off to touch my Wii.


clreaume said...

Thanks for the laughs and the video link!

Amanda M. said...

Texas really isn't that much warmer. It was 46 here today. Okay, it is a lot warmer than WI, but it's not like swimming weather or anything.

Also, I loathe Sarah Palin. I watched the show because I love Alaska. And her family is really cool. But Sarah? Sarah really sux. She is wayyyyy too into putting everyone down. (And I am not even a liberal.) BUT- I LOVED her for exactly one hour when she took Kate Gosselin camping. tee hee.