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Thursday, April 7, 2011

This Rivals The Email I Accidently Signed "Love You" To A Co-Worker

So, I do have all sorts of niblets to share with you from our Wisconsin to Texas move.  I'm working on being able to sit down and focus on that, but wanted to share my awesomeness from yesterday quickly.

My sister in law won her NCAA bracket.  I think this means something positive in basketball land, but I can't be sure.  Anyhoo, she sent out an email to gloat.  Her husband, who doesn't care for losing or anyone else winning ( I am willing to bet at one point he owned one of those shirts that said, "Second place is the first loser!"), emailed back and said this:


 to AmandaDudleySueme
show details 10:19 AM (22 hours ago)
Good job rainman – and let that be a lesson to all of you…picking based on the pet you want works

So I decided to be all involved and reply.  Unfortunately, I chose to do this on my phone, while one daughter was chatting at me and the baby was whining, so  I was rushed and kept looking up.  My auto-correct is constantly being a dbag, so when I looked down and it said "iPhone" when I thought I had been typing the name of an animal I was all "OK, Apple.  Let's not change everything to say iPhone".  I rolled my eyes and changed it to the name of the animal I was referring to.  

Alas, Apple was not trying to screw me, instead I must have moved the cursor on my phone.  

If I was one of those smart people who checked her work before sending, this never would have happened.  But I'm not, so all of my in-laws and the DR my sister in law works with received this message from me:  

See if you can catch where I wrongly changed it from iPhone to a dogs name


 to AmandaJasonDudleySue
show details 10:53 AM (21 hours ago)
Hmmm....maybe I can play if we are picking based on cute animals.  Wait, is there a wiener dog team?  The Weiners?

Sent from my wiener

This is why I don't participate in sports.


Amanda M. said...

I just snorted. That was awesome.

Kirsten said...

I wonder if I can change my phone to permanently say that?

clreaume said...

Thank you for making my day! That was awesome.

Christa said...

Ha! Funny stuff.

This seems like a good place to share that on Saturday I accidentally sent my friend's boyfriend a text meant for my boyfriend that said: Night Yum Yum.


jules said...

You were also skyping with your awesome sister you multi tasker, you!

Julie said...

Sent from my wiener. Awesome.

Your brother-in-law WISHES his genitalia were that talented.


Suniverse said...


Thanks so much for that. I really needed a laugh.

Hahaha. Weiner.

Jenna said...


thank you for this today, needed the giggle :) damn autocorrect!

Victoria's Voice said...

That is just too funny and sadly all too familiar! My IPhone gets me into trouble constantly by changing my words. Hello! If i meant that word I would have typed it! LOL

I am your newest follower through Mom Blog Network. Have a great day!


Kara said...

This was 'spurt out my coffee' funny! Thanks for the laugh!