Let's Get Silly

Friday, April 15, 2011

Horses and Handguns

I just had this conversation with my daughter:

Nora, we were invited to visit someone tomorrow for a cook out.  They have horses!  And you know what else?  They have 4 year old and 7 year old girls you can play with.

I want to ride the 7 year old.


I want to ride the 7 year old.

The kid? 

I want to ride the 7 year old horse.

Sigh.  No, they have horses and 4 and 7 year old daughters.

Mom, don't call their kids, horses.  That's mean.  

God help me if I don't find an adult to converse with soon.  Preferably one that can sort through my jibberish better than my daughter.  

Luckily, we are getting together with some of my husband's co-workers tomorrow for a cook-out.  As mentioned, the family has horses, and it's been promised that Nora can ride one of the horses.  So my next post may come from the local hospital.

Do you think it's to much if I run up to the wife and scream "DO YOU WANT TO BE MY NEW BEST FRIEND?!"  

I feel like it might be, but maybe I'm wrong.

Speaking of local hospitals, my husband played basketball at a church open gym on Wednesday night.  He hasn't done such a thing in quite awhile and he's....a little sore now.  We aren't sure if he's going to make it yet or not, that's still in question.  He has a blister on his toe that may be the cause of death.  My brother in law thought maybe I should rub some Vagisil on it.   Hee hee!

I can't wait to see what ads pop up now that I used Vagisil in this blog post.

Lastly, I shared this with my Facebook peeps earlier in the week and had to share it here too.  I recently changed my Living Social deals to reflect my move to the burbs of Dallas.  When I received my first local deal, here it was:

Living Social Handgun Rental Package for Two

Now, if I can just find a baby sitter we are all set for our first hot date night in Texas!  

Happy weekend!


Megs said...

Ha ha ha! I can totally hear that conversation between you and Nora. I want to see pictures of her on a horse! Have a great time with other adults. Enjoy some adult beverages too. Try not to refer to their children as horses :)

myinnerchick.com said...

What a delightful conversation with little Nora...
but I do hope you find a real adult girl-friend soon or you may go insane.... xx

Amanda M. said...


Ms.Wasteland said...

Haha! Hope you didn't scare off the wife too badly. Let us know how it went.

~Erin~ said...

Hilarious! I gave you a blog award so come check it out and accept!

Suniverse said...

I think if there's enough booze involved, you can totally ask that woman to be your new best friend.

Also, a handgun date? SO ROMANTIC.

Edie Mindell said...

LOL!!!! What a conversation. It's so funny and hilarious.:-) Your child calling you mean because of what you said is really funny. Can't get it out of my mind now.:-)

Mama Spaghetti said...

Handgun date - that's awesome! So funny.

I'm guilty of practically assaulting other women with small children with my desire to be their friend. Oddly, it usually doesn't work out...haha.

Babymama said...

Seriously. I am almost peeing in my pants. This comes quite easy to me, being a mom of three but still!!! You are hilarious. Truly hilarious.

Thanks for the laughs.

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