Let's Get Silly

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Baby Is Irate

Evelyn has discovered that she can make REALLY LOUD NOISE!

She uses this screaming all the time.  If she's happy or mad, glad or sad, it's just always a good time to scream.

Everyone in the house agrees with her, it's a darn good time.  

Here is more fun with Evie!  
She almost decides to be happy.....then NO!  Screaming is more fun.  

By the by, in this video my finger is covering up the microphone (because I'm good at stuff), so you don't actually even get to hear the true volume of her fury.  

 Man, I can't wait until she can talk.  She obviously has a lot to fill us in on.

Temporarily, we are living in an apartment building.  My guess is our neighbors will be seriously sad to see Team R leave.


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, I'm so sad. It wouldn't let me see the videos because they are private, but I can imagine. So cute! I have an Evie too, though she is an Everette. :)

Drummers said...

Ditto what she said. I want me some Evie!
Shan to the non

Amanda said...

Does it work now?

Judy said...

Maybe you have one of those tickle tickle wiggle wiggles hiding somewhere and she feels the same way about them as you

Shabbygal said...

How cute is she! I'm sure your neighbors will be sad to lose ya'll! LOL traci

Chels said...

My dog feels the same way about barking - which may or may not be a lame comparison to a baby, but it's all I got. I'm almost positive he's going to get shot in the face by one of our neighbors because he's so damn loud and obnoxious.

Also? Evie is the most adorable kid EVER. If I were a worse person, I'd probably kidnap her. Just saying. ;)

myinnerchick.com said...

~She is Beautiful. loved the video :) !!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh my goodness! I love it! She is going to be quite the talker very soon! I love her pink shirt--I grew up a cubs fan too. :)

Suniverse said...

What. A. Cutie.

And I say this because my kid is now 14 and confines herself to silent eyerolls. Also, I'm not your neighbor.

Amanda M. said...

She is so so so cute. And a little boisterous. But super cute.