Let's Get Silly

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let's Chat About How You Find My Blog. You Weirdos.

Let's chat about how you are finding me.  

One of the great joys of having my blog is viewing my stats, which allows me to see the search words you are using to find my blog, and the words searched that simply brought my blog up and then led someone to click on it.

Don't panic, I don't get to see who you are, just how you get to me.  

I have to say, sometimes I am extremely weirded out by the type of things that make my blog pop up.  Other times I'm scared.  And sometimes I'm just really proud.  

Let me share with you......................*drum roll*

My Favorite Google Searches That Led You To Fond of the Silliness:

I feel this is best divided up into categories.   Also, I have changed nothing about spelling or grammar.  

Ones About Animals:

  1. bird likes to lick computer screen
  2. my cat came home exhausted
  3. horse clap clap
  4. stepped in animal poop
  5. mules wankers
Ones About Pink Eye:

  1. why is pink eye so funny
  2. one catches pink eye
Ones About Jazz Hands:

  1. jazz hands emoticon
  2. jazz hands, andrews sisters
  3. what is a better way to say jazz hands
  4. every time i jazz hands you
Ones About Catholicism:

  1. i survived catholic school
  2. Catholic silliness
  3. frank mccourt throwing up the body of christ in the backyard
Ones About Cameltoes:

  1. innocent cameltoes
  2. and now fix your camel toe say misis

Ones That Scare Me:

  1. shoved a fish hook in her mouth
Ones About Andrew Bogut:

  1. bogut feeling better 2011
  2. andrew bogut growth spurt
Ones That Confuse Me:

  1. badass pyloric stenosis
  2. would people want cars that drive themselves
  3. "no sense of direction" and "southern california"
  4. i forced my washing machine open and now its broken
  5. irate baby
  6. mama facials
  7. "swimming in the ocean" clap clap clap
  8. terms of endearment where are my daughters pillzs
  9. ben and jerry falling out
Ones About Rap:
  1. comforting rap songs
  2. 2011 rap songs that make you feel better
  3. rap silliness

Ones Where You Are Seeking Advice or Solidarity

  1. i am so addicted to angry birds man i love this game
  2. i had a dream my husband flirt
  3. why are wendy's napkins yellow
  4. overtiredness causing siliness
  5. signed a work email love by mistake
  6. taking a baby down a water slide
  7. i went down a waterslide can this harm baby
Ones That Let Me Know You Were Looking For Me:
  1. middle finger emoticon blog

So there you have it.  There are just a few of the very many strange and disturbing 
ways readers have happened upon my blog.

I think looking at that list we can all agree on one thing:  There are many great writers out there

None of whom would be found by searches using words like "camel toe".  

It sure makes a girl proud.


laci512 said...

How funny! And to think, I stumbled across your blog by way of other blogs. I feel like I'm going about this all wrong.

My Inner Chick said...

I've never checked mine, but yours are hilarous.
Why would somebody ask this?... "why are wendy's napkins yellow" Dumb asses!

Megs said...

I hope you publish this list repeatedly as time goes by because I laughed my ass off. The bird licking the computer screen cracks me up. The ones about taking a baby down a water slide scares me (won't even spend time thinking about the fish hook). Any blog that can be located looking for info on jazz hands, camel toes, comfort inducing rap songs, and any of the Catholic school shananigans is a blog I'd like to read!

Lindsay said...

These are hysterical! Especially the one about Frank McCourt and whatever he did with the body of Christ.

Mommy Lisa said...

I have a whole bunch with weird questions about Brad Pitt and Geena Davis because of a guest post.

Christina Lucas said...

Lol!!! I just about choked on my coffe just reading the blog title. I get some of the craziest searches to my blog. People are very specific. Some people can't just search "Ryan Reynolds". They have to search "Ryan Reynolds chest hair"!

Amanda said...

Mommy Lisa- It's hilarious what the things you mention will bring up. Same for the ads on my blog. I've talked about gun stores in TX before and had all the hand gun ads pop up. Because all the female bloggers that follow me are going to click away on those ads and buy up some guns.

Christina- glad you enjoyed it. It always makes me laugh too. Especially when I can make the connection and remember which blog brought it up. Usually the connection is hilarious.

Julie said...

I totally know why Wendy's napkins are yellow.

But I'm so not telling.

p.s. I don't know how to check this for my own blog. So I win in the battle of who's-more-techno-limited...

Doreen said...

I seriously found you through a blog hop! I get very scared sometimes when I look at my stats. I have to laugh...

The Empress said...

This is so funny!

Thank you for your comment in my pot today, if you ever want to talk, let me know.

I will always listen.