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Sunday, August 28, 2011

No Dad, I Totally Was Not Driving When I Took This Picture. Yes. Yes, I Was.

This weekend's highlights included a trip to the vet.  Mosby had some....um, tummy troubles.  Let's just leave it at that for those of you who aren't currently mothers and used to constantly talking about the bathroom happenings of all living things in your home.

Mosby's not had all his vaccinations yet---wait, can I talk about pet vaccinations without people fighting?  As a mother I've learned to never talk about vaccinations lest someone fly across Gymboree and beat me with their research.  

Anyway, he has not had all of his vaccinations so he's not been socialized with other dogs.  Because of this I was unsure how sitting in the waiting room would go, but I had some idea that it would probably make me want to cry.  

When we arrived I was relieved to see the waiting area was dog free.  I relaxed and sat down. Stupid me.  Within seconds of us settling in, everyone who currently owns a dog in North Texas joined us in the waiting room.  

There were two teeny tiny chihuahuas being held by teenage girls, who undoubtedly were going to carry them around in purses at the mall for two weeks and then tire of them and drop them off at a shelter, and three large dogs.  Including a pit bull.

Mosby, who is all of 15lbs right now, started growling at them.  Not the chihuahuas, I don't think he could even see them.  But the other huge dogs he apparently thought he could take.  Mosby didn't do anything but growl and the three big dogs were very well behaved.  They looked at Mosby with pure amusement.

I said to the owner of a particularly large dog, "I guess my dog needs to learn who not to mess with."  The man replied with a charming tale about why he was there with his dog. Apparently this dog was there to have 50 stitches taken out since another dog the man owned had "tore him right up".  

Those of you who know me in real life can understand how super well I took this little story.  I stared at the guy trying to form words, then gave up.  I sat there thinking of how I could steal this dog from this ridiculous asshole until he finally left.  Somebody needs to tear him right up.

As I stewed in my anger, Mosby continued to act like a ferocious beast toward the dogs who could easily eat him, until the door opened and a couple walked out with a dog that scared the crap out of Mosby.

Mosby stopped growling, started whimpering and hid under my chair.  

Would you like to see the animal that broke Mosby?

Yes, my friends.  A basset named Blue terrified our little Mosby.

After this chilling animal came into Mosby's view, he remained scared for the rest of the vet trip.  My poor boy was the laughing stock of the waiting room, the vet techs were dying laughing behind the counter.  

On the way home he was still solemn and in need of protection.  He rode the entire way like this:

He can't get that Basset Hound out of his mind.
As we pulled into the driveway I was happy the worst was behind us.  Right as I was thinking this Mosby started making gagging noises.  

When a dog is in your car and laying his head on your shoulder, you don't really want to hear gagging noises.  So I lovingly flung Mosby out of the car and into our lawn.  You can guess the rest.

Just another fun Saturday morning.  You know, full of puppy potty problems and vomit.


Amanda M. said...

Pretty sure this might be my favorite post ever.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Mosby is SO cute. And I totally see where he's coming from - those ears are pretty big and frightening.

laci512 said...

That is too funny!! We had a St. Bernard that was horrified of small dogs! We took him to the vet once and our 120 lbs baby nearly crawled on my lap when a minpin came into the waiting room.

My Inner Chick said...

--Loved this puppy and puke post :) xx

Kara said...

Mosby is adorable! I hope he's feeling better soon!

Julie said...

I would totally let your puppy puke on my shoulder.

He is THAT cute.

The basset hound? Is another story.

Oh, Mosby. You make we want another puppy.


Megs said...

Ha ha! Maybe Mosby could skype with Paco and Barney and see that they are not quite the giant beasts he's imagining. Of course, Paco is afraid of most dogs and cats so he'll probably cower and run away. I LOVE that it's the basset that he's afraid of and not the other huge dogs (especially the one that threw down in the fight). Maybe Mosby's onto something. Either way, that picture of the two of you is freaking adorable. I agree with Julie's comment, I'd let him puke on my shoulder too-he's that cute.