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Monday, June 27, 2011

I Channeled Shirley MacLaine

We are home with baby Evelyn and she is recovering nicely.  Thanks so much for all the emails!

It's hard to complain about a stay at Childrens Hospital when you get to leave with a healthy child, but I'm an expert complainer so I can just run right over that difficulty.

Is there anything worse than a hospital stay?  I've been through it with both of my children now, and I've learned that a hospital overnight basically consists of being told by people that, "Rest is going to be the best thing so make sure everyone gets a lot of it!" and then being woken up every 25 minutes by the same people who gave you that order.  

Our poor baby was so disconcerted by her metal hospital cage crib.  We could not get her to settle in the crib and ended up needing to hold her to get her to sleep.  Which was understandable, but the furniture the hospital provided must be made of materials that can be wiped clean and kept germ free, so holding her on the couch was akin to making an attempt to sit on a water slide without going down the slide, you know, while holding a baby.
 Since we could not get comfy, my husband, Evie and I ended up playing an exhausting game of musical chairs all night between the couch/bed, rocking chair, crib and the floor.  Yes, at one point I woke up and my husband was on the cold, hard hospital floor.  It was probably good for his back though, right?  He's so selfish, I can't believe he was thinking about his back right then.

Her surgery was early in the morning, and by that night she was inconsolable because she was so overtired.  She could not settle herself and I think she was sick of being held so that didn't make her happy either.  Finally at 2am I pulled a Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment and started screaming "My daughters in pain, she needs her pills, GET MY DAUGHTER HER PILLS!". 

Here is Shirley MacLaine playing me when I felt my daughter needed more Tylenol with codeine.

That method of crazy proved quite effective (thanks, Shirley!) and she was given some pain meds that finally knocked her out.  When they came in at 4am wanting to wake her I met them at the door and tackled them to the floor.

Needless to say, they were happy to discharge us the next day.  

That's all for now kids.  Tomorrow maybe I'll tell you how I almost broke my husbands foot and called the police on my sister all in one day!


Amanda M. said...

When this title came up on my blogger dashboard, I IMMEDIATELY knew what this post would contain. Much love to baby E and so glad you are home.

Mama Spaghetti said...

So glad things went ok...at least the surgery part! I don't know why hospitals don't think about families, you know, wanting to be with their loved ones...

Anyway, glad you're home!

Megs said...

Sometimes being the best parent you can be means doing whatever necessary to get your kid drugs. Probably won't happen often :) I have decided that you will have no more hospital stays with the girls. I can't believe G.R. was thinking about his back the whole time. Seriously though, I am so happy your hospital stay and Evie's surgery are over and that recovery is going well so far. All four of you are strong and awesome!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

Glad to hear baby is doing good and you are home again!

LOL about Shirley - that will probably be me whenever this baby decides to make his grand entrance and I am looking for the epidural..

myinnerchick.com said...

I loooooooooooooooove that clip with Shirley M. I've watched that movie about, lets see, 10 times!
So glad you are home with baby ;) xx

Julie said...

You go, mama.

Nothing like seeing our children in pain to make us move mountains.

(or at least scream for Tylenol with Codeine.)

Hope Evie (and everyone) can finally get some rest...

Melissa Taylor said...

glad to hear you're home! those cages are the worst!

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

So glad to hear your baby is home and OK :)