Let's Get Silly

Friday, June 17, 2011

Facebook Friday! You Know You Love It.

Time has come once again (say again in British accent, please) to celebrate Facebook Status Friday.  A feature that has been missing for far too long from all of our lives.  

I'm not sure what happened to make it disappear for so long, but consistency is not my greatest attribute and I'm going to guess its disappearance has something to do with that issue.

1.)  Yesterday I found out that Justin Bieber made 53 million dollars this year.  This news was told to me by my radio while I was scouring my vehicle for $1.08 to pay for an iced tea.  I was not happy for him.  If only I had cooler hair.

2.) While walking into our church to pick up Nora from vacation bible camp, my baby pooped herself so bad that we were both covered.  I had to throw out her clothes in the church nursery, bathe her with wipes and borrow a diaper from someone I don't even know.  You know, because why bring a diaper?  I'm just going to run in and pick up the older kiddo and go straight home!  Fool.  On the ride home my five year old confessed that she had forgotten to wear underwear to church. I bet Mary never had these issues with Jesus.

3.)  We just found out how much gas logs are going to be for our new fireplace.  Seriously?  Why is something you are just going to set on fire so freaking expensive?  Also:  We will now start considering offers from anyone interested in purchasing them for us.

4.)  Isn't it funny that people still worry that women may be too emotional to hold an office like President of the United States?  Yes, those emotions you see them having are called being a decent human.  It's the same thing that keeps them from cheating, lying, and becoming weird sex addicts while pretending to be a trustworthy elected official.  Learn to embrace their normalcy, America.

5.)  My Mama's been gone for 8 years this weekend.  Call yours and give her some phone hugs today!

6.)  Finally, if you have not already, please watch Neil Patrick Harris as he opens the Tony Awards.  He should be making 53 million dollars a year.


jamie10 said...

Hilarious! I was just wondering if I have been missing these Friday posts.

Amanda M. said...

I have missed this SO much. XOXO

Jenny Peterson said...

Don't worry Amanda, my best friend Annie has 5 girls and making sure the youngest 2 (ages 5 and 3) are wearing underwear is usually a question asked multiple times throughout each day!!

Ixy said...

"I bet Mary never had these issues with Jesus." LOL!!!

Mommy on the Spot said...

Hellz to the yeah on #4!!

Have a great weekend!

myinnerchick.com said...

Dear Fondness. You Are Amaaaazing. I love this! xx

myinnerchick.com said...

Dear, Fondness.
this was GREAT :) thanx for the smile. xx The Poop is my Fave.

Julie said...

Love Neil Patrick Harris...

and am familiar with the commando debacle with children. (and occasionally my husband. shhhhh.)

Great post for smiling this Sunday...

except for the part where I have to hate Justine Bieber.

Maybe HE should run for president?

(But I'd rather vote for NPH.)