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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The One Where My Cat Died

Well, we went to my brother's wedding.  He's married!  Oh, and my cat died.

We came home from our fun weekend to find a sickly kitty.  I'll spare you the details, but after a night in the Emergency Pet Hospital ($$$$) and then a follow up with a regular vet visit, x-rays$$, IV fluids, money, and more bad news we decided to have her put to sleep. 

I'm not into animals suffering the way people do, and the next step was a feeding tube and more invasive procedures.  The choice was not easy, but clear to me.  The vet said it was the right thing to do.  

So, really Gladys Keri The Kitty got the last laugh.  As you may remember in this post, at the last minute we figured out that we would need to cancel our flight to Texas and instead drive 16 fun loving hours, as our cat was not welcome on the flight.  

We were told Texas, being on the border and struggling with illegal immigration issues, has more stringent animal transfer laws than most states.  We had to have her health certificate in our hands 30 days before we flew, and our appointment was not until a week before.  

Join me, won't you, in admiring the ridonkulous nature of what I have just shared with you.

Of the estimated 11.1 million illegal immigrants who found a way to enter into the United States in the last decade, approximately 60% of them are from Mexico.  BUT, breathe easy my friends, as they certainly have figured out a way to save the country from my 11 year old 12 lb, indoor cat crossing over into Texas.  

Anyway, after all that hoopla...after the animal products I hastily bought to make her drive in the car better, the hours of dealing with two children on an endless car trip, the gas money, the icky road food and the sanity my husband and I will never get back that was lost somewhere around Missouri....after all that- she kicked it 4 weeks later.  

Well played, Gladys.  Well played.

Goodbye, Gladiola

Goodbye to our timid, stubborn, lazy, loud, strange little kitty.  Sorry that we had two loud babies that sort of destroyed your world, Gladys.  Know that we shed many tears for you the last two days.  I hope Heaven has people to scratch your head between your ears, just how you like it.

P.S.- If there is anything in the suitcase in the picture, that may be embarrassing, I didn't notice it before sending it out to the world.  If you spot something good, just share it amongst yourselves because I never want to know.


clreaume said...

Amanda, my heartfelt sympathies to you and your family. I commend you for putting Gladys first and not letting her suffer. It is the hardest thing to do, I know from experience. I am sure there is someone in heaven who will tend to Miss Gladys' needs. According to Lilly, it's a good thing heaven has kitties so grandpa has someone to sit on his lap. I will have her ask grandpa to look up Gladys when she says her prayers tonight.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!!! So sad! Poor Gladys. Poor you. How is Nora handling this? I'm so sorry. I can't help thinking somewhere in Kitty Heaven Gladys is having a good laugh about this.

Julie said...

Oh, that is rough, Amanda. So sorry. At least Gladys gave you one last good memory/story with the road trip!

NotaSupermom said...

A toast to your sweet kitty.
My cat kacked when I was in the hospital. He knew my husband could handle what I couldn't.

sabrina0024 said...

Oh booo. I'm sorry. :( She certainly did give you quite a story. Maybe she was just waiting until her story was told. And you told it well.

Mommy Lisa said...

Its always hard...we lost two in just 16 months.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

you are brave.

last year i had to GIVE one of my dogs away (to a loving couple who lives in a mansion on the hill, mind you) and i was a wreck for two months straight.

i'm sorry you lost your kitty.

Lindsay said...

Awww...so sad to lose a beloved pet. She may have forced you on a roadtrip, but at least now you have the memories, no matter how inconvenient and horrific the trip may have been :)

myinnerchick.com said...

~~~Oooh, I am so sorry. She was so beautiful. Now she's in Kitty Heaven...I'm absolutely sure of it :) Xx