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Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Never Thought I'd Say Mouth This Much

What comes out of my mouth on an average day:

Get that out of your mouth.

Get that out of Mosby's mouth.

Seriously, what's in your mouth?

How did your mouth get so sassy?  You better watch your sassy mouth.

Did you put that in your mouth?

What if she puts this in her mouth?  

Great, now she put it in her mouth, look on the computer and see if I need to call the DR

What's in your mouth?!   What's purple in your mouth?!

Put this in the dog's mouth so he'll settle down.

Put your food in your mouth!

Keep that in your mouth after you chew it!

Wipe your mouth.  

Don't wipe your mouth on that!

Take it out of your mouth!

What just fell out of his mouth?  

Don't touch that with your mouth!  

The food is in my mouth, please do not try to grab it.

I'm trying to open this with my teeth, that's why it's in my mouth.

Did she just put the sand in her mouth?

Get your hands out of her mouth!

You better not talk to me with that kind of mouth, little girl!

Is my mouth bleeding?  The baby just threw her Fur Real pet at my face.

I'm tired, it's time to throw melatonin in my mouth.

The End.

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Melanie said...

This is hysterical. So glad I found your blog! :)