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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hilary Rosen, I Do Not Care For Your Tone Young Lady.

Dear Hilary Rosen:

I am a stay at home mother, so I tried to stop drooling on myself long enough to eek this out.  

Like everyone else, I heard your comments regarding Ann Romney having no clue about financial issues as she has never worked a day in her life *gasp*

Like everyone else, I was forced to hear the aftermath.  Unlike everyone else, I do not care at all if you think being a stay at home mom leaves one clueless or unable to understand finances.  I am mad that you carelessly stirred up the same damn argument again.  I am mad that you kicked a fellow female in the crotch.  

When will we stop doing this to one another?  How can we in one breathe say that we are irate that our choices as women are being made by a male dominated government, and then in the next cut each other off at the knees?

Women that argue with one another over this issue are absolutely ridiculous.  Women that take stabs at another woman's capabilities by way of acerbic commentary are absolutely shameful.  And believe me, Ms. Rosen, I like me some sarcasm.  

A little background on me, Ms. Rosen;  I have stayed at home, and I have worked as a mother.  I've known what it is to say in a shaky voice to my child care provider:  Don't tell me if she has any firsts, I want to think I get to see them all.  And then you know what? I have known what it was to feel guilty because I liked being at work.  Eating my lunch with adults.  Peeing alone.  Running meetings and contributing to projects.  Wearing real pants.

Having done both types of mothering, I can tell you that both involve happiness, guilt, self-doubt, self-loathing, joy, fulfillment, unexpected failure and major accomplishments.  

So, considering all that we get through each day as mothers in general, did you really need to go after one?   Was it truly going to change the course of the election?

Peace Out,


P.S.- Congrats on rocking a CNN gig!  Please use your platform and journalistic powers for good.

Dear Women Enraged By Hilary Rosen:

 I have heard the accusatory question from a family member:  So....what do you do all day?, and totally understood the judgement and statement veiled loosely behind the question.  A friend once asked:  So, do you even pick up a paper anymore?  No dickhead, because what moron spends money on a paper anymore?  But, yes I do keep up with the news.  Not sure why my news watching would have changed simply because I birthed a human and I am now helping it grow, but thanks so much for asking.

But here is the thing, as a former first lady once said: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.  So it truly does not bother me what anyone thinks of this choice.  And ladies, both working and staying at home, you need to remember that and quit making snide remarks about this subject.

Because I promise you, there are issues that are not being addressed while we are busy fighting over this one.  And those issues will affect our kids and grandkids.

Peace Out,


P.S.- The former first lady I mentioned is Eleanor Roosevelt, and she had six children.  Not sure how financially savvy she was, but I do know she kicked some ass on social issues.  


Megs said...

Well said! I had similar thoughts and cursed at her a couple times. You said it way better. It's ridiculous that women in this country still have the same argument (working vs at home parenting) but the truly sad thing is as you pointed out-when women cut each other down instead of having eachother's back like we all should. I heart your blog :)

Sharon Greenthal said...

Having raised my children (they are now 20 and 22), I can tell you that they are enormously grateful and happy that I was a SAHM - by choice, I might add. I never ever stopped being and intelligent (albeit slimy and smelly in the beginning) woman, I just channeled it towards my kids instead of towards making money. This is a great post and I will never regret having been a SAHM - nor will you.

Shell said...

I usually just roll my eyes when someone comes up with an ignorant comment like Hilary. Totally clueless!

Christie said...

It all boils down to insecurity on both sides of the equation, doesn't it? Why is it that women find it so hard to accept the choices of others (and their own as well) and men couldn't care less whether another man is working at home or staying home with his kids?

Mrs. Tuna said...

Rock on Ellie, rock on.