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Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Season, Another Reason Why Sister Wives Would Be Helpful.

Christmas is a difficult time for those of us who are challenged.  

While people are perfecting their handmade holiday decorations, here in Team R land we are still tripping over the Christmas decoration boxes we brought out of storage weeks ago. 

We decorated our home at the beginning of December, yet the boxes still lay here.  At this point we must ask, do we bother putting them away?  Soon we'll just have to get them out again to put all this red and green crap back.  

There is a smug woman out there right now who has completed all her baking, shopping and wrapping.  Now she's just sitting back, ready to bask in the holiday joy.  

Meanwhile while fervently purchasing gift cards on the internet to offer people the ultimate personal gift this year, I noticed our toddler was MIA.  I found her in the bathroom, where she was playing in the toilet with a spoon.  When I came out of the bathroom with her, I walked into the living room where the dog was eating my wallet.  

While moms are planning the perfect Elf on the Shelf moment, I'm scrambling because I messed up and Nora ended up seeing Evie's Santa presents.  To get her back, I'm thinking of hanging a freaky Elf on the Shelf elf by its toes over Nora's bed whilst she sleeps, so that she wakes with it hovering overhead.  

I was worried about having a decorated Christmas tree this year, because we have both a toddler and a puppy.  I was certain they would both be pulling down ornaments and breaking them.   

How did that pan out?  Well, let's check out the situation so far:

Broken Ornaments for the 2011 Christmas Season
Toddler- 0  
Puppy- 0  
Mom- 3

Every day I'm receiving lovely family portraits that people have sent out as their Christmas cards.  

Meanwhile, I don't have Christmas pictures of my beautiful girls.  But I do have these to share at holiday parties:

I can only assume he found this hussy in a bar somewhere.

I'm especially proud of this holiday moment.

Nora's hair is caught in Mosby's dog collar.
Yes, that actually happened.  My faithful  readers may remember The Strawberry Shortcake Car incident, click here to read about that one.

So, I wrote this blog with YOU in mind.  That's right, you right there.  The one who put her cookies in the oven to bake and then went out to get the mail, started chatting with a neighbor and forgot all about the cookies, only to come home to charred black cookies that look like the Grinch's heart before it grew.

I salute you, other challenged girls.  Somehow our families end up just as happy as those who pull off a Christmas that looked like Etsy and Pinterest threw up all over it.  

Merry Christmas!  


Mrs. Tuna said...

Ha! thanks for the laugh, now I need to write an x on my cards and throw them at the post man like a crazy person with social tourettes.

Megs said...

That shot of Evie still kills me. That pic of the dog with the Barbie is hysterical. At least he wasn't eating the doll. Barney has been the cause of many of Erin's dolls demise. I don't even try to have it all together for Christmas. The most stressed holidays I can remember are when I've struggled to get it all in and done the right way. Also, I can tell you from experience that you'll be feeling pretty pleased after Christmas when it's so easy to put everything away because the boxes are right there. It's actually quite efficient.

My Inner Chick said...

--Sister Wives! I'm hooked.

Love the photos of pup and doll :)

Now excuse me, my cookies are burning.... x

Ixy said...

Amen, from one challenged sister to another!

Julie said...

I kind of want to throat-punch THAT woman.

If she does exist.

I like your style much better. And dog food is pretty nutritious, I hear.

We'd make excellent sister wives, you and I.