Let's Get Silly

Friday, July 15, 2011

Guess Who's Back? Back Again. Facebook Friday's Back. Tell A Friend.

1.  This week I was at the gym, you know, playing with my phone.  All of a sudden these two nice people that had met each other in the class they'd just been in, began flirting and talking.  I sat there pretending I had super important stuff to do and that I was totally not listening to them, while secretly planning their gym themed wedding in my head, during which I would give a hugely moving toast regarding the moment they met.   Finally the man asked her out and I had to actually talk myself out of leaping from my chair and instigating a group hug between the three of us, because I feel like we went though it together.  That wouldn't have been weird, would it?

2.  I've been watching Ann Coulter do the talk show circuit, because apparently I hate myself.  Every time she's on a show her title says:

Ann Coulter, Demonic author.

And I refuse to take my eyes off it, because I just know that one of these times someone behind the scenes is going to get their balls together and change it to the appropriate title.  

Ann Coulter, demonic author. 

3.  Someone found my blog this week by Googling, "bird likes to lick computer screen".  I think that truly speaks to the awesomeness of my both my writing and my following.

4.  This week a woman in Dallas led the cops on a high speed chase, with her two children in the car.  Upon seeing this on TV, my sister texted me to see if I was that woman.  I think that truly speaks to the awesomeness of both my parenting and my psychological state.

5.  Please read this post and give me tips on how to keep my daughter from becoming a 7 year old Britney Spears.


Lesly said...

Finally! I've been eagerly anticipating a new blog from you, and it was awesome...speaking to your awesome blogging skills. ;0)

regas14 said...

Yikes! Seven year old Brittany would be scary! I love the story of you at the gym. I feel like we've had dinners at restaurants that went about the same - you totally engrossed in someone else's conversation. Then there are the times when there's a TV directly above your head which I must admit distracts me from every word you say.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Lesly!

Honey, yes, I often get totally engrossed in other people's conversations. And yes, you often get distracted by the TV above my head at restaurants. The difference is, when I do it, it's ok.

Amanda M. said...

"Ann Coulter, demonic author"....or someone's REALLY going to speak the truth and it will say: "Ann Coulter, Demon. From Hell."

I totallllly listen to stranger's conversations. The one you detailed was a serious gem.

Lindsay said...

And I thought someone searching 'best asian country for a foreigner to open a chocolate shop' to get to my blog was weird...the bird licking computer screen definitely takes the cake there. Hilarious post as usual!

Ixy said...

So it wasn't you?

And I'd keep watching that TV screen - it's bound to happen!

Julie said...

I will totally sing at their wedding.

Think about it.

My Inner Chick said...

You always crack me up.
Coulter is Satan :)

Suniverse said...

If I knew who to pay, I would pay someone $5 to fix that Ann Coulter thing. And being unemployed? That $5 is WORTH IT.