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Friday, March 30, 2012

Locks of Love

Inspired by her 4 year old friend, Campbell, Nora decided to give her hair to Locks of Love!

Back in the long hair days...


When I was a kid, no one cut my hair while I watched a movie.   
My mom told me to sit on my butt and stop whining. And then I walked up hill, both ways, to school.

Evie busied herself with eating the crayons.  I finally removed her from the crayons after someone from the salon came and gave Evie a sucker.  The salon owner suggested that Evie may like to put the sucker in her mouth instead.  That's how you know people admire your parenting skillz.

Somehow, having her hair cut has turned Nora into a teenager (which is weird, because usually she acts like she's 35)  This is what she did on the way home.  This child NEVER sleeps in the car.  And now she seems to do so with such "This world is boring me" attitude.
No one email me.  I don't let her sit this way while I drive.
She just sees me sitting this way while I drive, with both legs up on the dashboard, so she wanted to try it.
On the way home we talked about how when I was in high school my mom, Nora's Grandma, once had to take a medicine that made her lose all her hair.  It made it extra meaningful to Nora that she had donated her hair to this cause.  

My mom had a horrible wig that was fake and icky.  It did not make her look like her old self, so she never wore it.  Because of people like Nora, people can  have more natural looking hair.

Here are 2 ways to give your hair:


Megs said...

So awesome! So proud of Nora :) I got all teary at the end of the blog thinking about your mom and the significance of Nora's donation. Also, time for me to get to Texas. Evie has grown so much and is adorable-love her hair too :) You're right about Nora looking like a teenager-the feet and the haircut make her look like she's ready for college. Unreal. Love you and your girls!

Amanda M. said...

Nora is an amazing kid. And you're an amazing mom. XOXO

Mrs. Tuna said...

I chopped my hair off about 10 years ago for locks of love, good job!

Julie said...

So. Freakin. Awesome.

Cheers to you for raising a girl who is already generous, who thinks of others before herself.

I donated 10 inches in September to Locks of Love and STILL feel good about it...

Go Nora. Go mama.
You ladies ROCK.

laci512 said...

I think that is great! What a awesome girl!

Anonymous said...

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