Let's Get Silly

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let Me Make You Feel Better About Whatever Poor Choice You Made Today.

Sometimes I'm pretty sure that some of you enjoy this blog because it makes you feel really good about your own life and how well you handle it.  This post is going to bring that kind of happiness.

For the 8ish years we lived in The House That Tried To Kill Us, we paid our water bill by letting it roll into our mortgage.  We would get the bill and just put it out of our minds.  I have no idea if this was a good idea, but it does nothing to ones credit and it allowed us to take care of it over time which worked well for us.

Our water bills prior to moving south were very low.  I didn't know they were low at the time, but now that I've lived in the desert for 6 months, let me assure you- they were low!  We now have a sprinkler system as Texas receives rain about twice a year, and if we didn't have sprinklers our house would fall into the big crack that would likely form.

When our water bills arrive I get a bit nauseous, so I've been happy to know that they will just roll over into our mortgage.  Because let's face it- they have to be paid no matter how much they are, so we may as well spread it over the year.  

Fast forward a few months into living here.  I was meeting a friend for lunch and decided to shower in the morning rather than waiting until my husband got home when I usually scream, "I NEED TO FREAKING SHOWER BEFORE THE DAY ACTUALLY ENDS!" in a very calm and rational manner.   

So, I turn the shower the shower head to on..... and....nothing.   Well, there was something.  It sounded like our pipes were trying to birth something and could not get it out.  Then, nothing.

I was irate.  We moved into this house not even 4 months ago, and our plumbing is busted?  Nope, this was NOT happening.  I made a list of people who would face my wrath (AKA-I'd have my husband call) and was ready to fight my builder to fix this situation.

Seething, I went to the kids shower.  Nothing.  No, water, just birthing pipe noises.  

I realized we had NO water.

With my hand on my hip in my bossiest fashion I called the water company.  Is it a company? The water place?  The water factory?  Whatevs, I called the water people.  


We have NO water, right now.  Is there something going on in our area?  

No, Ma'am.  We  currently have no water issues in the city right now.  Have you paid your water bill?

Of course!  

She then took my information and checked it out.

Um, Ma'am.  You've never paid a water bill for that address.  Your water was turned off this morning.  You should have received warning on your bills.  Please look on your front door, there should be a notice about having your water shut off. 

No way!  We don't have things like our water turned off! 

**looked at front door**  

Wait- I do have a sign that says they turned off our water!  Why did this happen?   We were having the water bill just roll into our mortgage!  Do I have to do something special to set that up?  If so I would like to do that right now.

Um, no.  There's no such thing, Ma'am.  I'm not sure who told you that you could do such a thing.



So, apparently, here they are going to want me to actually send the check after receiving the bill.  You know, like every other bill we receive in the mail.  I mean, really!  Who would have thought? 

You know what makes for a torturous day?  Waiting the several hours it takes to have your water turned back on after it has been shut off.  

See, don't you feel like you've got it all together now?  You're welcome.


Amanda M. said...

Well....it is definitely better than having your A/C turned off. ;)

My Inner Chick said...

Dear, Fond,
I love ya cuz you're screwed up like that rest of us! HA HA

Julie said...

I solve this problem by showering VERY sporadically.


Megs said...

Oh man, I hate it when I do stuff like that because I feel so stupid. That totally happens to everyone, especially in a move where everything changes all at once with bills, etc. I agree that it's better than having the A/C turned off too :)