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Band Back Together was created by Aunt Becky of Mommy Wants Vodka.  Band Back Together won the 2011 Bloggie Award for Best Kept Secret Weblog.

The Curvy Girl Guide is a website for all women and is about all aspects of life.  The CGG has many contributing writers, whom you can meet here.

Have Kids Will Blog Kyle Kopp, of The Kopp Twins blog, created HKWB when he came to the conclusion that current blogging networks were lacking in “something”. Unable to quite pinpoint the missing ingredient he began to piece together his own creation each item at a time. By enlisting those around him with expertise in different subject matters he found that he could offer more than one parents vantage point on child rearing. He could offer several distinct ideologies pertinent to completely different topics that no one person could do alone.  He decided to launch his idea as a new network that was completely open to parents with blogging desire and offered daily writings from those very experts but also allowed more interaction from its guests and followers.